Studio C is the creation of Damien Boisvert and Greg Vernice. Part retail shop, part interior design studio, part gallery, Studio C was conceived as a gathering place that happens to sell things. With backgrounds in interiors as well as retail, the two have crafted an environment that embodies sensibilities developed in their Greenwich Village shops, design projects and travels. The combination of rustic and refined, new and old, ordinary and extraordinary includes retro, primitive and traditional styles that create a uniquely modern effect.


After co-owning a trendsetting trifecta of home furnishing shops in New York City for more than 20 years, the duo took a break from urban living and landed in Costa Rica. For almost a decade, they explored many of the riches of Central and SouthAmerica; it was there that they honed their easy and relaxed design aesthetic–with a Southern twist. The work walks a fine line between simple and elaborate; it cherishes the ordinary along with the fancy; it believes in living spaces that welcome bare feet, as well as the occasional necktie. This philosophy results in an oeuvre that respects the past while maintaining an utterly modern feel.

The shop’s Table of Contents room presents an ever-changing array of new, vintage and antique pieces chosen for seasonal or thematic content.

The Main Room displays a curated collection of furniture and accessories presented in the signature Studio C style–with a complimentary coffee bar tucked away in the rear.

Provisions for Living provides beautifully designed everyday products relating to entertaining, cooking, travel and personal grooming.

One of Studio C’s goals is to foster relationships with artisans and craftspeople, so you’ll also find a variety of regionally made goods.

We encourage you to stop in, linger, enjoy a coffee and immerse yourself in our surroundings. Whether you need a flyswatter, professional design services, the perfect gift or just a place to sit a spell, Studio C is here for you.